Friday, October 31, 2014


ACY provides direct air service to and from ten major cities. Flights are competitively priced, connecting you to anywhere in the world. The main terminal building opens each day at 4 a.m. Regarding ticketing and check-in times, please contact your air carrier directly.

The following links and phone numbers are based on the most current information available.


Airline Phone Number IATA Code Departures Terminal

(800) 772-7117 NK Nonstop to Fort Lauderdale, with connections available
Nonstop to Fort Myers
Nonstop to Myrtle Beach
Nonstop to Orlando
Nonstop to Tampa
Seasonal Nonstop to Atlanta
Seasonal Nonstop to Boston
Seasonal Nonstop to Chicago
Seasonal Nonstop to Detroit

(800) 241-6522 UA Nonstop to Chicago, with connections available
Nonstop to Houston, with connections available


*Please check each airlines website for connections to over 100 destinations.