Egg Harbor Township, NJ -- Motorists along the Atlantic City Expressway are one step
closer to a faster, safer and more efficient drive this summer as four Express E-ZPass lanes
are being added to the roadway.

To make way for the express lanes, two toll booths in each direction at the Egg Harbor Toll
Plaza at Exit 17 were demolished today to make way for an equal number of Express E-ZPass
lanes. The South Jersey Transportation Authority projects that the new express lanes will be
in operation late spring of this year providing a timely benefit for motorists during the
high traffic summer tourist season in Atlantic City and the southern New Jersey shore.

“The addition of the Express E-ZPass lanes will improve the overall experience along the Expressway as the new express lanes keep traffic moving and reduce the congestion caused by the large number of cash toll customers,” said Bart Mueller, executive director of the South Jersey Transportation Authority.

With Express E-ZPass, motorists enrolled in the E-ZPass program in cars equipped with transponders can drive at highway speed through the toll plaza. Toll payments are automatically deducted from corresponding E-ZPass accounts

“Our expectation is that more motorists will see the multiple benefits of E-ZPass and convert from paying tolls by cash to paying through E-ZPass,” added Mueller.

In addition to increased safety and less congestion, E-ZPass saves motorists time and reduces fuel consumption. A recent study indicated a combined annual savings of 9.5 million gallons of gasoline and over 13 million hours of time saved when comparing the fuel used and time taken with the current level of traffic, E-ZPass penetration and highway plaza configuration against the predicted fuel usage and time taken if all traffic were to pay tolls only in cash.

“We want to raise awareness of these and other benefits of E-ZPass use so that our customers and all motorists throughout the region are encouraged to adopt the electronic toll payment program,” said Mueller.

Express E-ZPass is already in use at the Pleasantville Toll Plaza on the Expressway.


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