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Discount Oakley Sunglasses Outlet


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Spring has been to return to warm weather, outdoor running gradually increased sunlight to the human eye injury, has also increased, choose the right sunglasses, was clearly the purpose of their purchase, the case for UV protection,discount oakley sunglasses the following should be selected to eliminate 380nm UV, has identified safety performance, mirror-smooth bubble-free sunglasses.
To decorate the case, it is necessary to choose the color according to personal face style. Long face should choose a certain width of round or oval stereoscopic sunglasses, so reduce the face slender sense. Petite face should choose sunglasses with lens-based or frameless thin frame.

Face than the party who should choose sunglasses discounted oakley sunglasses have a sleek angled edges, not too round or too square, in order to alleviate facial lines. Pear-shaped face is optional coarse frame, wide frame sunglasses, to coordinate the facial proportions. It was undoubtedly the best choice for an oval face, no matter what style, oval face can hold live.

That several aspects of the lens where it should be?

Lens Color Option: From resist ultraviolet effect, yellow, gray and green lenses withstand capability is best. Especially the yellow lenses, not only can fully resist ultraviolet and infrared, oakley discount sunglasses and particularly good at filtering the sunlight most dazzling blue, after wearing the line of sight of the scene will become more clear.

Myopia lens selection: choose color glasses, which can change with the external light intensity, change the transparency of the lens, in the bright light can block ultraviolet rays, but also eliminates the need to replace the glasses back discount oakley sunglasses online to the interior of trouble.

Children choose a mirror: children sunglasses of choice, there are some places need attention - it is more reliable than the adult sunglasses. This reliable reflected in the lens, such as checking whether it should pay attention to smooth, ripple-free, flawless, no bubbles, no trace. While checking the lens material to choose damage resistant resin lenses, so that the children do not accidentally fall when scratched lenses. In the choice of colors, such as red, discount oakley sunglasses outlet purple these more "boom" to exclude the best color, moderately deep to pick pale brown, light green and so on.

Election polarizer or sunglasses: sunglasses difference between it and that the latter can only reduce the harmful rays of the injury, and the former half of the light can be filtered out. If your eyes are more sensitive to light, or suffering from eye diseases, it is best with a polarizer.

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