ACE Rules & Regulations

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This manual of Regulations has been prepared as a guide to the patrons of the Atlantic City Expressway. Careful observance of these regulations will add to your pleasure and convenience while using the Expressway and promote the safe use of the road.

These Regulations supplement, in-so-far as they may, the Motor Vehicle Act and are enforced by the State Police, who continually patrol the entire length of the Expressway.

Part I: Authorization, Penalties & Definitions

Part II: Regulations

    Article 1: Speed Limits
    Article 2: Operation of Vehicles
    Article 3: Restrictions on the Use of the Expressway
    Article 4: General Regulations
    Article 5: Tolls
The most important Regulations concern:
  1. Speed Limits: Maximum of 65 miles per hour, unless otherwise noted. No vehicle may be operated at such
  2. Backing up is prohibited.
  3. Vehicles must normally keep to the right except when passing or when the traffic movement is in two substantially continuous lanes
  4. U-Turns are prohibited.
  5. Stopping on pavement is prohibited. Emergency stops are permitted only on the right hand road shoulder.
  6. Stopping of vehicles on any part of the Expressway for the purpose of picking up or discharging any person is prohibited. Hitchhikers and other pedestrians are barred.
  7. Bicycles are prohibited as are motor cycles, motor scooters and motor bikes of 150cc displacement or less.
  8. Maximum dimensions are: Length: Semi-trailer: 48' - max; 62' overall length; Width: 8'6"; Height: 13'6"; Maximum gross weight: 80,000 lbs.


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