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Executive Session Minutes Released

Executive Session Minutes - June 19, 2007

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007

Chairman Kolluri called the Executive Session meeting to order at 10:10 a.m. and noted that this Executive Session was being conducted in accordance with Resolution 2007-17 of the South Jersey Transportation Authority which provides for the following:

The general nature of the subject matter of this closed session meeting shall pertain to matters authorized pursuant to N.J.S.A. 10:4-12(b) (4), (5), (7) and (8).

The following Commissioners were present:
Chairman Kris Kolluri
Vice Chairman Mark Summerville (Participated via Conference Call)
Commissioner Jeffery A. April, Esq.
Commissioner Ernest Coursey
Commissioner James M. Gaymon, Jr.
Commissioner Louis Toscano

The following Commissioner was absent:
Commissioner Edward Dietz, NJDOC

Also present:
Bart Mueller, Executive Director
James A. Carey, Governorís Authorities Unit
Keith Barrack, Esq., General Counsel
Russell Lichtenstein, Esq., General Counsel, via conference call
Kathleen Aufschneider, Deputy Executive Director
Wade Lawson, Deputy Executive Director
Dennis Culnan, Chief of Staff
Patricia Snyder, NJDOT
Asteris Fanikos, Esq., Office of the Inspector General
Susan Drake, Authority Board Secretary

Russell Lichtenstein, Esq., General Counsel addressed the Commissioners and those present concerning the aggressive goals needed for the union contract negotiations and that we need financial and contract language to run the negotiation efficiently.

He also stated that the Union's Counsel will be getting available dates together to schedule meetings.

Goals that the Authority needs to prepare for negotiations are contracts for health benefits, cap on opted pay-outs for health care program and to prepare a contract with new rules for new hires.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
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Mr. Mueller added that the pay-out for health care was 50% and has recently been reduced to 25%.

Chairman Kolluri informed the Commissioners that the New Jersey Turnpike is doing the same in revising the State union contracts and those negotiations and other Authorities negotiations will be run out of the front office together. He stated that the Governor wants uniform contracts for all of the Authorities and the State employees.

Commissioner Toscano urged that we should move forward on scheduling the negotiations, as with preliminary meetings starting within the next three (3) weeks, negotiations will not be completed before the contract expiration dates, one at the end of July and the other at the end of August.

Commissioner Summerville asked if they can strike. Commissioner Kolluri and Counsel both responded yes. Commissioner Summerville was informed that the Authority is working on being prepared for a strike if necessary.

Commissioner April asked if one of the changes to the contract will be a requirement that employees contributions a percentage to health benefits. Commissioner April was informed that yes, which will eventually take place, and as of now, retirees are provided with full coverage but the Authority will be working on changing this policy.

Commissioner April asked if we will be negotiating union contracts with the NJ Turnpike unions.

Chairman Kolluri responded that there will be a point person in the Governor's Office that will head all roadway negotiations.

There being no further business, Chairman Kolluri called for a motion to adjourn the Executive Session.

Motion was moved by Commissioner Summerville and seconded by Commissioner April, adjourning the Executive Session at 10:30 a.m.

Submitted by:

Susan Drake, Authority Board Secretary

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