Thursday, October 27, 2016

New Company Setup

This information is for all new companies/contractors/vendors wishing to obtain a Security ID Badge for the Atlantic City Airport.


New Company Introduction

This information will introduce your company to the ID badge procedures at the Atlantic City International Airport. Once your company has been awarded a contract to begin work at the Airport, a company representative (Human Resources, Owner, Other Company Officer, etc) must complete a Signatory Letter. This letter is a template that must be completed on your company letterhead and include contact information and email address. It will introduce your company to the airport, reference the project/business associated with your company including NAME of the Project or Business Contract, AND the name of the Parent Contractor under whom you are a SUB-contractor. This will include the signature of the authorized company representative that can authorize requests for Airport ID badges and employment certification. This authorized company representative will become the Signatory for your company.


A Signatory Company Representative is the person who coordinates the ID badge process for your company, REVIEWS all the Security ID Badge Applications, has access to the Authorized Signatory Portal and who completes the Employment Certification block on page 3 of the ID badge application. The Signatory will be the person responsible for ID badges issued to your company. In order to become a signatory, you must complete a Criminal History Record Check, Security Threat Assessment, SIDA Training Test and the Signatory Training Program. This training will communicate the signatory's responsibilities and duties, provide the signatory an opportunity to ask questions concerning their responsibilities and requires all signatories to certify they have completed and understand the training. The signatory training is required annually. The Signatory MUST remain active for your Company. Should the Signatory no longer be active or with your Company, they must be replaced immediately. Companies without a current active Signatory may have all the ID badges for Company DEACTIVATED until such time as an appropriate Signatory is in place. The Signatory MUST complete the ENTIRE process before any others from the company may start the Security ID Badge process.


Once the Signatory Company Representative has completed the Criminal History Background Check, Security Threat Assessment and required Signatory Training, you may request access to the Authorized Signatory Portal from the Airport Badge Office. The Authorized Signatory Portal will give you access to an internet web-based site to input an applicant’s biographical information and initiate the ID badge process. From this portal you will be able to print the ID badge Application. (Note: The authorized Signatory Company Representative must sign page 3 of the application. For the Signatory's application, the Signatory must sign for themselves. Upon completion of the application, call Airport Operations at (609) 645-7895 ext. 2015 to make a fingerprinting appointment. Fingerprinting is done Monday-Friday 9am - 3pm. At the time of the fingerprint, the applicant must bring the completed badge application, a certified check or money order made out to South Jersey Transportation Authority and two (2) forms of identification listed on Page 6 of Security ID Badge Application. Instructions for the Authorized Signatory Portal can be found at the following link: Authorized Signatory_Rev 2_3


The badge approval process may take up to two (2) weeks. You will be contacted by the ACY Badge Office to inform you of the status of your Application. If no response is received after two weeks, you can check the status of your badge application by email at Once approved, a testing appointment can be made with Airport Operations at (609)645-7895 ext. 4702. Upon successful completion of the applicable tests, an Airport badge will be issued.

Through the Authorized Signatory Portal an AUDIT of all Security ID Badges will be conducted by the Airport, as required by Transportation Security Administration Regulation 1542. The Signatory Company Representative will be responsible for completing the audit and provide the following information for all listed employees:

  • Employment status (badge must be returned if no longer employed)
  • Location of badge (returned to company, retained by employee, lost etc)
  • Badge updated if still employed (do not let badge expire for more than 30 days)


If you have any questions about the badge process, please contact Dan North at 609-645-7895 Ext. 4715 or email at


Signatory Letter Template
(Please use this format on your company letterhead and include an email address contact.)
Airport Security Coordinator
Atlantic City International Airport 
Suite 100 
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234
(Company Name) has been contracted to (describe nature of work/project. This information MUST be included if you are "Sub-Contracted" and the name of the "Parent" Contractor).
The name listed below is the authorized Signatory Company Representative for Atlantic City International Airport Identification requests. No other signature is authorized. Any change to the Signatory Company Representative will be submitted in writing.
We understand once this letter is received, the Signatory Company Representative will complete the entire Security Badging process as well as the mandatory Signatory Training Program before other company employees may start the badging process.
Authorized Signatory Company Representative, PRINTED NAME
Authorized Signatory Company Representative, SIGNATURE
______________________________ __________________

Job Title