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Working in an airport environment requires you to obtain a Security ID Badge that will provide you access to various areas depending on your job requirement. Defined areas within the airport have specific badge privileges, which require training to be completed before your access can be assigned to these areas. Use the following table to determine what training you must complete prior to having your badge issued or renewed:

All new employees must complete the Active Shooter and Insider Threat modules in addition to the required modules below.

Badge Type

Required Modules

Basic Security Awareness

Security (SIDA) Training

Non-Movement Driver Training

Airfield Safety and Incursion Prevention

CFR Part 139.329 Pedestrian & Ground Vehicles

Public (Green Badge)        
AOA (Yellow Badge)        
Sterile (Red Badge)        
SIDA Non-Driver (Orange Badge)        
SIDA Ramp Driver (Blue Badge)      
Airfield Driver (Blue Badge)  
Renewal Only Air National Guard Airfield Driver      
Renewal Only SJTA Fire Airfield Driver      
Authorized Signatories are required to take the Authorized Signatory Module yearly in addition to the modules required for their badge type.


Testing Procedures

  • All training courses are completed through AAAE’s Online Interactive Employee Training Portal.
  • All required training modules must be completed prior to the date of your scheduled badge renewal or issuance.
  • Applicants testing for a new badge must successfully pass all required modules for the badge to be issued. If you do not pass a module, you will be blocked from retaking the module until the next day.
  • You may not get more than 2 questions wrong in a section or 3 questions wrong in each module. This will result in a failure of the module.

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Module Course Descriptions

For each training course you will be shown short video segments and then answer a few questions on the information that was presented to you.

SIDA Training

This training course is designed to introduce you to the security procedures at the Airport. You will be briefed on different security areas within the AOA, the different types of security badges used at ACY, your responsibilities as a badge holder, escorting procedures and violations. This course is required for all new and renewal badges.

Non-Movement Driver Training

This training course is designed to help you to understand the requirements and procedures to safely operate a vehicle at the Airport. It will review the Airport’s layout, which will include the difference between the Non-Movement and the Movement Area. This course is required for all new and renewal badges that are required to operate a vehicle on the ramp areas.

Movement Area Training
(Airfield Safety and Incursion Prevention / CFR Part 139.329 Pedestrian & Ground Vehicles)

These training courses are designed to introduce movement area drivers to the various markings, signage and lighting found on the airfield. Vehicle requirements are discussed, as well as proper radio communication techniques. These courses are required for all new and renewal badges that are required to access the Movement Area. For all new Movement Area Driving privileges, applicants will also be required to take classroom training and pass a practical driving test on the Movement Area.