Monday, June 24, 2019





Atlantic City International Airport travelers can now enjoy refurbished restrooms

Travelers will find completely redesigned, expanded restrooms at the west end of Atlantic City International Airport. The project was completed December 9th with the opening of the men’s room.

It began with gutting the old men’s room and redesigning it to become the new women’s room, while the existing women’s room remained open. In the meantime, men were redirected to the east end of the terminal.

The new complex not only features new tile walls and all new plumbing fixtures, but it also is equipped with baby care facilities. And there is a separate “companion bathroom,” where caretakers or parents can accompany a person of the other sex in privacy.

“This is just one more step in our constant effort to make traveling via ACY more pleasant and more convenient for our patrons,” said Airport Director Tom Rafter.

He pointed out that the South Jersey Transportation Authority recently broke ground on an 18-month project that will install improved baggage handling and security equipment. It includes a second escalator conduit – creating a better pattern for passenger traffic by allowing the existing escalators near the security screening installation to become one-way up to the loading gates while the new escalators near the baggage claim carousels will be one-way down for arriving passengers.

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