Friday, September 22, 2023

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Tom Canto named SJTA’s first Employee of the Month

Tom Canto, January's Employee of the Month
Tom Canto has the honor of becoming the Authority’s first ever Employee of the Month. He and the others so honored in later months will then compete for Employee of the Year, to be announced in December.

Canto has been Business Manager at Atlantic City International Airport for more than a year. If you visit the Airport terminal, you’ll see evidence of his work. Among his accomplishments were installing a newsstand kiosk on the terminal's upper level, overseeing a new Airport advertising campaign that will incorporate static and video display signage as well as other variations in the near future. And he is working on a free WiFi for our patrons at the Airport and Farley Service Plaza. He was selected to be January’s Employee of the Month.

“Tom has worked diligently to coordinate, organize and negotiate various lease agreements and contracts with tenants,” Airport Director Tom Rafter said. “He is in the process of overseeing development of a long-term concession plan.”

Tom received his B.S. from Trenton State (before it became the College of New Jersey) and lives in Egg Harbor Township. He earned his Master’s degree at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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