Monday, June 24, 2019

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Expressway Seeking New "Recruits" for E-ZPass

Applications to be handed out this weekend

Motorists pulling up to a toll booth on the Atlantic City Expressway with cash in their hand will be getting something more than change in return. Toll collectors will be handing out applications for E-ZPass, the electronic toll collecting system that enables motorists to drive through toll barriers without stopping.

“E-ZPass users avoid the delays caused by paying in cash, which is not only good for the individual motorist, who keeps moving, but also helps speed traffic for the entire roadway,” said Acting Executive Director Jim Iannone. “It’s a classic win-win, providing roadway ease for drivers with E-ZPass and for the SJTA.”

The applications will be distributed Friday through Sunday in cash-payment lanes at the Egg Harbor and Pleasantville toll plazas, Iannone added. “We expect to distribute 100,000 applications during this time period,” he said.

The SJTA initiative kicked off a statewide effort and was joined by the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. The three highways expect to hand out a total of 500,000 application forms. E-ZPass came to the Expressway in 1999, when it pioneered the electronic toll collection system in New Jersey.

Traffic can zip through the Pleasantville Plaza’s Express E-ZPass lanes at 45 mph. The Authority plans to install Express E-ZPass at the Egg Harbor Plaza, where E-ZPass traffic must slow to 15 mph. Almost half (47 percent) of all Expressway transactions are handled by E-ZPass. Two-way traffic should be about 280,000 vehicles at each toll plaza during the three-day period.

E-ZPass penetration is lower on summer weekends due to an increase in visitors (about 44 percent at Pleasantville and 38 percent at Egg Harbor).

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