Emergency Services

Q: How can I recognize an ESP vehicle?

A: All ESP trucks are painted white with a broken red stripe, bearing the words Emergency Service Patrol and the Expressway logo. The trucks are also equipped with flashing orange "caution" lights.

Q: Is there any fee? What about tips?

A: There is no charge for any ESP service, and our regulations prohibit ESP specialists from accepting any financial compensation from motorists. The only time a disabled motorist faces any cost is when a private-sector tow truck has to be summoned.

Q: How can I summon ESP assistance?

A: You can call #ACE (#223) on your cellphone. You can also affix a white cloth to the driver's side door and await help. The ESP is on continous patrol at all hours.

Q: How will the ESP specialist know I need help?

A: By your - or another driver's - call to the emergency services dispatcher, by your use of a white cloth as a signal or by your keeping your flashers activated. The ESP is on continuous patrol and will stop even without an instruction from a dispatcher.

Q: You said I might have to pay for a tow?

A: If your vehicle is disabled beyond the capability of the ESP to make it roadworthy, the specialist will summon a tow truck from the list of authorized garages near the Expressway. The fees for towing are fixed by the Authority, listed on the back of the service invoice and are comparable to those charged on other South Jersey highways. You will also be charged for any gasoline, oil, parts or labor needed as agreed by you and the repair facility.
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