The South Jersey Transportation Authority operates shuttle buses and vans that bridge the gap between employers and qualified employees. The SJTA can help employers fill job openings from a pool of qualified workers and also help transport them to work.

The SJTA operates a shuttle between the River LINE's Route 73/Pennsauken Station and the Pennsauken Industrial Park and the Moorestown Industrial Park. The first shuttle of the day leaves the Route 73/Pennsauken Rail Station at 7 a.m. The shuttle circulates throughout the industrial parks. The shuttle schedule will be adjusted according to employer needs. For more information, call SJTA at (856) 614-1074.

SJTA Shuttle Buses and Vans:

  • Provide service to worksites in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties (See Pureland Shuttle under Gloucester County).
  • Operate seven days a week, serving most shifts.
  • Serve employment sites throughout South Jersey and qualified tri-county residents.
  • Offer convenient pick-up and drop-off locations for employees that connect to other public transportation services, including:
    • The Rand Transportation Center
    • PATCO Stations
    • Atlantic City Rail Line Stations
    • River LINE Stations
  • Provide direct service to employment sites, transporting employees from near their homes during late night hours.
  • Offer free service to employers and employees.
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