SJTA Installing Three Memorial Signs for Highway Workers Killed on the Job

Members of the Expressway's Operations Department install one of three memorial signs.
HAMMONTON, NJ – August 29, 2019 – As Labor Day approaches, the South Jersey Transportation Authority is installing three memorial signs on the Atlantic City Expressway in memory of roadway workers who were killed in accidents while working on the expressway.

The Authority plans to unveil the specially designed medallion signs on Friday, August 30, 2019 at milepost 29 Westbound on a hillside in a landscaped area to remember Charles A. Young, 1978; Warren W. Wilson, 1979; and Louis Pitale III, 1987.

Young had ended his shift as a toll collector at the Pleasantville Toll Plaza when he was struck by a motorist. Wilson was killed while operating a frontend loader on the Expressway when a motorist struck the machine by the Weymouth Road embankment. Pitale was working in a lane closure on the Expressway behind a dump truck when struck and killed by a motorist.

Expressway Director of Operations James Sullivan said, “We have a great safety record, and we’ve avoided tragedy for three decades, but unfortunately not all our workers have made it home at the end of their shift.”

Sullivan said while safety is one of the SJTA’s core values and a top priority, many in the public don’t realize how vulnerable its crew members are in a work zone, mowing grass on the side of the road or changing a patron’s flat tire, which the Expressway’s Emergency Service Patrol often does.

He stresses the importance of paying attention while driving. “A moment’s lapse in judgment and attention while driving can have terrible consequences.”

According to Sullivan, the NJ State Police are making a concerted effort against distracted driving on the Expressway, particularly in work zones.


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