New York Ave Parking Garage

Parking garage at 19 So. New York Ave., between Atlantic and Pacific avenues one and a half blocks from the Boardwalk and close to some casinos. Height Limit of 6'6".

E-ZPass Plus available.


Daily Rates at New York Avenue:

UP TO 2 HOURS -------- $ 3

After the 3rd hour -------- $ 4

After the 4th hour -------- $ 5

After the 5th hour ------- $ 6

Maximum for 24 hours -- $ 7


Hours of Operation

Garage is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Payment methods at New York Avenue:

Before returning to their vehicle, patrons pay for their parking at an Auto Pay Station in the first-floor lobby of the facility. These machines accept cash or a valid credit card and (if requested) issue a receipt. The machine validates the ticket and returns it to the patron. At the exit, the patron inserts the validated ticket into a ticket reader, which opens the gate. Patrons may also take advantage of ticketless parking by inserting a valid credit card at the entrance and again at the exit. The machine will calculate the fee, charge the card, issue a receipt and open the gate.



At the exit by inserting an unpaid ticket into the reader followed by a valid credit card or by pressing the E-ZPass button with an approved E-ZPass Plus Tag.

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