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Board Meeting Minutes

Bd. of Commissioner's June 19 Meeting Agenda

The regularly scheduled monthly Commission meeting for the Authority will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the South Jersey Transportation Authority Administrative Offices, Atlantic City Expressway, Milepost 21.3, Elwood, New Jersey.

1. Chairman’s Statement
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of the June 19, 2007 Agenda
4. Approval of the May 15, 2007 Minutes
5. Employee Awards
6. Executive Session -Motion and Resolution to move into Executive Session
Resolution 2007-35 of the South Jersey Transportation Authority authorizing the exclusion of the public from a meeting with the Authority and administrative personnel to discuss personnel matters, contract matters and litigation matters

7. Roll Call upon return to Open Session
8. Executive Report
9. Committee Reports
10. Public Response to Agenda Items
11. Presentation and Approval of Bills
12. Motions and Resolutions

2007- 36 Authorization to Issue Subordinated Taxable Bond Anticipation Notes Series 2007
The subordinated Note Resolution and accompanying documents will authorize the Authority to issue short-term taxable subordinated bond anticipation notes in an amount not to exceed $25,000,000. Proceeds of the 2007 Notes will be used to finance: (i) the design of (a) a westbound third lane widening on the Atlantic City Expressway ("Expressway"), and (b) an Express EZ-Pass® at the Egg Harbor Toll Plaza on the Expressway; (ii) the construction of a full interchange at the intersection of the Expressway and New Jersey State Route 50; (iii) other capital improvements to the Expressway Project as shall be included in the Authority's 2007-2001 capital plan, as the same may be amended; (iv) the payment of capitalized interest on the 2007 Notes, if any; and (v) the payment of certain costs of issuance of the 2007 Notes. This action will authorize the Authority to release the Preliminary Official Statement in substantial form as is attached hereto as well as execute a bond purchase agreement with Citigroup Global Markets for the underwriting of the 2007 Notes.


2007-37 Authorization to execute a Quit Claim Deed to the City of Atlantic City in connection with the Corridor Project at the eastern terminus of the Atlantic City Expressway.
Pursuant to Resolution 1996-07 the Authority executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Atlantic City, the CRDA and the Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) to improve the main entrance into Atlantic City ("The Corridor"). The 1996 MOU called for, among other things, the City to convey to SJTA the ROW of Columbus Blvd and Arkansas Avenue, up to but not including Atlantic Avenue. That conveyance never occurred. The proposed action is to make that conveyance with one change: that the median between Arctic and Baltic Avenues remain in City ownership, and that the SJTA quitclaim its interest in that median to the City for inclusion in the City’s Recreation and Open Space Inventory (ROSI) for Green Acres purposes. A companion quit claim deed will be executed by Atlantic City transferring the roadways to SJTA.


2007-38 Authorization to enter into a Military Construction Cooperative Agreement (MCCA) with the National Guard Bureau (NGB).
SJTA will design and construct an arm/disarm pad at the 31 end of Runway 13-31 at Atlantic City International Airport. This project is included in the Airport Layout Plan and has environmental clearance. The cost is estimated to be $ 1.5 million including design, construction and SJTA administrative costs. The MCCA provides for all costs to be reimbursed by the National Guard Bureau. An earlier MCCA was executed for the arm/disarm pad at the 13 end of the runway which has been designed and will be built concurrently with this project.

2007-39 Authorization to approve the proposed agreement with new Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC for the installation of permanent telecommunications equipment at the Atlantic City International Airport.
Air Marshals were unable to communicate, and needed wireless service at their national training facility located at ACY. In response, the SJTA and AT&T entered into an agreement to erect a Cell on Wheels (COW) at the airport so that the Air Marshals would have wireless service at ACY. The COW was erected and is still in operation at ACY. Resolution 2004 80 authorized the SJTA to enter into a contract with AT&T to install telecommunications equipment at ACY The agreement also provided that during the term of the COW agreement, the SJTA and AT&T would work together to arrive at a mutually acceptable, long term agreement with permanent locations pursuant to a formal lease agreement.


2007-40 Authorization to approve a proposed Parking Rate Increase at the Atlantic City International Airport effective August 1, 2007.
In mid March 2007, the short-term parking lot was eliminated to provide for the construction of a parking garage. To accommodate the short-term parking patrons, the first hour of parking is free at the other parking lots. Propose to raise the surface parking lot rate by $1, to $7 per day, effective August 1, 2007. The proposed parking rate increase will be used to offset increased airport shuttle costs and to reduce the airport subsidy.

2007-41 Authorization to approve the proposed purchase of one (1) 28-Passenger heavy-duty bus from American Bus & Coach, LLC of Trenton, NJ
Transportation Services Division is currently operating a comprehensive transportation system acquired from the Camden County Improvement Authority, which is currently servicing or being expanded to service Atlantic, Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties; and now has the need to acquire additional vehicles to expand and continue services. The bid received from American Bus & Coach, LLC of Trenton, NJ, for one (1) 2007 28-Passenger Heavy-Duty Bus for a total of $78,755.00 was the lowest and most responsive bid that best serves the interests of the Authority.

2007-42 Authorization to approve submission of project proposal to NJ Transit for inclusion in Consolidated Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Program.
SJTA will operate employment shuttle services that connect low income persons and welfare recipients in Camden County, a small section of Gloucester County, and other areas within the SJTA’s jurisdiction, with jobs in the region. Major employers to be served are UPS-Philadelphia, UPS Lawnside, Pureland Industrial Park, Midatlantic Industrial Park, Pennsauken Industrial Park, Moorestown Industrial Park, along with other employers in the region.

2007-43 Authorization to enter into an agreement with South Jersey Railroad regarding the Railroad Trestle Bridge over the Atlantic City Expressway, at milepost 1.4 to repaint and attach advertising structures to the trestle.
Through the installation of two removable advertising structures on the trestle, one facing east and one facing westbound to the Expressway, the revenues generated from the advertising will be used to pay for remediation of the lead paint and repainting and refurbishment which is estimated to cost between $200,000 to $300,000. The advertising will also generate long-term revenues for SJTA. It is estimated that the advertising on the trestle will generate approximately $100,000 annually for SJTA. SJTA will not incur any costs related to the installation, maintenance or management of the advertising structures. A firm selected via the RFP process will install, maintain and manage the advertising structures and will also be responsible for remediation the lead paint and repainting the trestle.

13. Petitions and Communications, Unfinished Business, New Business
14. General Comment
15. Time and Place of Next Meeting:
July 17, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. SJTA Administration Offices


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