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ACE Wildflowers are in full bloom!

If you've driven on the Atlantic City Expressway in the past couple of weeks, then it's likely you have enjoyed a visual taste of the lively wildflowers thriving along the roadway's median strips and shoulders.

Under the direction of SJTA Executive Director Bart Mueller, the Authority took "green" initiative and planted the environmental-friendly flowers. Planting took place from May 11th to June 22nd of this year, with seeds covering more than 23 acres along the Expressway.

The flowers not only give travelers a scenic route to their destination, they also benefit everyone in significant ways. To name a few:

In 2008, the Authority spent 5,223 hours cutting grass; this year they project a savings of 681 hours of labor to be spent on other projects.
As a result of less mowing, there is a reduction in the use of fossil fuels into the atmosphere and as run-off into streams.
Planting the flowers results in an overall reduction in the regional carbon footprint.
Wildflowers help to both remove pollutants from road runoff and stabilize the ground which keeps topsoil from eroding into streams and other waterways.

For safety measure, travelers using the expressway are cautioned not to stop and pick the wildflowers.

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