Title VI

Título VI

SJTA’s Public Participation Plan

The Authority employs several means to communicate to the general public regarding the activities it performs including LEP (limited-English proficient) and minority populations. The communication activities may focus in different mediums depending on the program or population affected. These include but are not limited to:


The Authority publishes brochures regarding the Authority’s programs, including how the public can obtain information and make comments. Brochures are located at SJTA facilities and our agency partners at the following locations:

  • Authority Administrative Offices
  • Authority Buses
  • Cross County Connection Transportation Management Association
  • One-Stop Career Centers
  • County Municipal Centers



The Authority’s website, http://www.sjta.com, provides round-the-clock information on the transit system, including fare structures, route schedules and maps. Any changes in service, such as weather anomalies, traffic reroutes, or holiday hours, are made available on the site.  The Authority press releases and public notices are published on the site.


One Stop Centers:

The Authority provides transportation from JARC funds for employment services, so our public participation plan focuses around the One Stop Centers in the counties we serve. The Camden County and Gloucester County One Stop Centers provide this information to the public. The One Stop Centers provide literacy workshops, basic skills enhancements and employment assistance. If the One Stop Center assists someone with employment, the Center will provide our brochure as a means of transportation for that individual.

The Authority provides public information through its website by including links to the One Stop Centers in the following counties that we serve:

Camden County

Gloucester County

Atlantic County


Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy

Política de no Discriminación del Título VI


Title VI Complaint Procedures

Procedimiento de Quejas del Título VI


Title VI Complaint Form

Formulario de Reclamos del Título VI